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Omandala is a concept, path, purpose, organization that intends to incorporate all life enhancing systems as a package that can be offered world-wide to help create a global equilibrium.

Anyone who is reading this text right now has the luxury of tapping into the vastness of information that is available at our fingertips. Theres something inside the heart of every one of us that longs to help. We have invested time, money and resources to create a world that is filled with instantaneous manifestation. Our thoughts and dreams are materialized through the simple pulsation of breath. The power that we possess as a collective is breath-taking and that’s the sacrifice that someone else must make in order to sustain our comfort.

Thousands of living organisms die every day because of the destructive cycle we have set in motion. Omandala has been created to inspire a belief of new possibilities and passions; we have barely scratched the surface of our potential. As individuals we have succeeded great lengths in competition of one another. What we're wondering is, would anyone be willing to give-up their merit of greatness to experience the glory of a collective commitment; A Commitment to Change the World One Choice at a Time.

Omandala is an entity that embraces symbolic characteristics of individualistic unity. We all have different experiences, knowledge, wisdom and resources; would you be willing to share yours to make the world a better place. We can change the world one choice at a time, what’s your choice? Can you Help?

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