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12/20/08 02:50 - Bela

You, You, You

Your life is all about you. Mine is all about me. I speak with the word "I" because one can only speak wisely if he/she speaks from personal experience. To speak about something that you don't know about from personal experience makes you a liar and hypocrite. By speaking in Truth, the ego can dissolve and God can be seen through me. Those led by the ego speak, act, and think in lies. The ego directing the show within those humans must point out the dirt on others with their

07/28/08 08:43 - JonHalk

The miracle..

is to walk on the earth. The point is to see that life is a miracle, look deeper into all that is required to sustain this life. The problem is that you are seeing your reality from a state where you have been taught your reality is "normal". Everything you call normal has been defined by a culture of individuals, you have been taught normal based on someone elses thought. The fact that your speech and communication is based on symbols developed by other humans means you rely on others

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  • 07/24/08 10:52
  • 4

Worthless Garbage

I stumbled upon this website completely randomly. This is quite possibly the most pretentious and silly garbage I have ever read on the Internet.

Putting words together to try and sound intelligent and caring is extremely easy but often meaningless.

My suggestion to all of you is to stop hanging out in cafe's and poetry readings and live a normal life.

Big statement, but I will boldly suggest that most of the people you know beyond your hippie smelling close group of friends think ...

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