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07/30/08 08:39 - derrick

Me me me me me me...

What a wonderful response to my post Bella. Stopped counting the amount of times you used the word 'I' after 40.

What is quite revealing in your random babbling is the fact that you are so insecure and have adapted the mentality similar to Jon; look at me everyone, I am amazing, I am so smart, I am so different, I am the only person who understands everything and everyone.

You only reinforce my point that this site is full of self absorbed losers.


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12/20/08 02:50 - derrick

You, You, You

Your life is all about you. Mine is all about me. I speak with the word "I" because one can only speak wisely if he/she speaks from personal experience. To speak about something that you don't know about from personal experience makes you a liar and hypocrite. By speaking in Truth, the ego can dissolve and God can be seen through me. Those led by the ego speak, act, and think in lies. The ego directing the show within those humans must point out the dirt on others with their

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