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Against the Death Penalty

  • Tuesday, June 3rd 2008, 12:49 AM

These are my thoughts on capital punishment. I also used someone else's opinions that I agree with. It would be nice to hear your opinion on the death penalty either you are against it or for it.

Death Penalty punishes humans, who killed others, by killing them. The Death Penalty mostly occurs in some states of Usa. Although, killing humans as a punishment will not help the world to be a better place. Only God makes a decision about our death. In the past occurred examples of misjudging people and setting an execution. The Death Penalty violates humanity, society and the way God demonstrates life.

To punish a human being by the capital punishment repeats the same cruel mistake perpetrated by the accused. The punishment will not return the killed person. People lose their humanity through different experiences in life. People making such mistakes cannot find the right path in life. All humans make mistakes. The world would be empty if the ones who make mistakes must die. In the victim’s families brings relief when the perpetrator of their member gets the same way of death. Such judgment shows selfishness and the same cruelness. A movie, Death Man Walking shows one of them. . “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind’’(Mahatma Gandhi remarked). Also, “To kill people who have killed people, whether that’s government-sponsored or otherwise, is feeding a cycle of violence that I think is alarming” (Daniel M. Buechlein, Archbishop of Indianapolis, New York Times, 4/21/2001).

“The bad choices that we make does not mean we lose sacradness that comes from God” (Rev. Phil Egitto, Daytona Beach News-Journal, 5/23/2004). Most of the people in the world believe in God. But no one wants to admit the fact that God does not teach us to kill no matter what. Let Him judge and make the choice about our time on earth. Let the accused be put in jail and help reform the bad choice. God gave us life only He takes it away.

In the past, performed misjudged capital punishments. Kevin Cooper happened be the one where the proof discovered of his innocence saved his life. Scheduled to be executed on Feb. 10, 2004, accused of killing three people. The DNA test and the hair found exclude his guilt. It shows how someone’s life so close to end because of people’s idea to kill for killing. Instead of killing humans after humans, some lives could last longer.

“What is murder in the first degree? Cruel, calculated, cold-blooded killing of a fellow human man. The most wicked of crimes and the State is guilty of it every time it executes a human being”. ( William Randolph Hearst. 1863-1951, American newspaper magnate). Death Penelty does not have any benefits. It demonstrates hypocrite and inhuman behavior throughout believing in God and his teaching that says ‘Do not kill’.

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  • Saturday, June 7th 2008, 8:59 AM



"Belief makes things real" (Gavin Degraw lyrics).

This is a challenging topic of discussion for me, which in turn begs my soul to search for impeccability of words in response. My first thought is that when contemplating whether or not this action should be allowed, one must search the source s/he answers to. Your blog mentions God as a Him. This picture of God to me demonstrates only part of the wholeness that "God" is. If however we look at the picture that God is the collection of every living thing that ever was, ever is and ever will be, then the judgment of this action is suspended momentarily. In that suspension, I will address another topic that brings me to my ideas on the subject.

My husband just completed his contract the US Marine Corps. Having a relationship with him has opened my eyes to many judgments I have previously had. That openness has broadened my view on murder. These men and women of the military, specifically the Marines, are trained to protect. In my view, they are trained to exhibit consequence. As you mentioned, "An eye for an eye". If a person here in the states kills another, they are convicted for murder, even if they are bringing retalliation. But when we are at war, the dictation from the government gives permission to kill. This is where the challenge comes in. I believe every human life is precious and all beings everywhere are entitled to life, while other aspects of me in the lives of others desire punishment. What helps me understand this better is to acknowledge that what gives me life is not my shell of a body, but my spirit. That energy that always was, always will be and always is continues on even when my body expires. Punishment toward others is a reflection of the belief those administering it feel is necessary. If we punish ourselves, we will punish others. The ego loves to punish so it can be in a position of power and judgment. The spirit cannot conceive of this human emotion; anything unlike union is foreign.

Therefore, if “everything that is” makes up "God", then the temporary expiration of a body cannot kill the spirit. Looking at a broader view of time, we can see that our government has made strides to have fewer numbers of deaths. While the weapons continue to generate "bigger and badder" results, the technology is specifically used to pinpoint an action and eliminate unnecessary deaths. A death still, the mission has been to make the number decrease. In the large scale view, this is progress. This current war has been compared to Vietnam so many times, yet the number of lives lost from this conflict pale in comparison to that of a war fought just a few decades ago. This is progress.

We could continue focusing on the disappointment of the human race not curing suffering by killing, or we can choose to observe how much progress we have made. I can only speak for my country so candidly because I truly am unaware of the progressions of war in other countries. I only know about other places by what I am told by those who are designed to put us in fear to justify our own country's murder. An assumption would add to the lethal action, so I choose to reserve judgment.

So what does this have to do with the death penalty? While I have previously mentioned acts which create multiple murders, the act of the death penalty concerns only one person at a time. This is a slower process which requires stages of judgments in order to condemn such a death. In war, many deaths occur as residual of a specific target, while the death penalty receives specific attention. To me, even though a death still occurs, I see it as progress. It would be very easy for me to announce my opposition with the sentence and deny any validity it may have because I thrive with compassion for human life. Speaking in truth, no act against me has created a desire for retribution on the scale of feeling the need to take another human's life. If someone murdered my husband, I cannot say how I would feel, only assume that my current belief would be unwavering. Returning now to the idea of what makes up "God", I believe that the body is a vessel for the spirit's experience and that collectively we work together for progression. This is demonstrated by the mere fact that there is a space for you and I to dialog about it over the World Wide Web, connecting us mentally to discuss such a topic. When, in wars past has this been possible? It has always been left to the positions of authority to have a voice on the subject. We, collectively, continue to create opportunities for ourselves to connect and recognize within each other our selves, which is awareness and indeed progress. It is not the instant gratification that the human life desires because the mind knows our body will expire and we want to fix it all now before we die. The spirit knows that life is eternal and continues to desire progress towards awareness of the union. As we expand (populate), we create more likeness. Although each soul is unique, the space between us grows shorter. The connections grow in number. We are already in union, the progress is recognizing it.

Suffering is eminent. It is forced upon us when we become a human life. While I personally cannot take another life or become the person who administers the death penalty, knowing that my brother or sister does means that I am for it on one level, thus my judgments against it becomes null and void. Only when the other parts of me have endured enough suffering will they cease killing. When they see themselves in me, however alike or different, they will no longer take my (their own) life.

Concluding now with Hitler, I suggest that such a man creating absolute devastation also created a limit. The suffering was so great that a limit was set. This was progress. While the lives lost seem unfairly taken, they created progress which is the soul's desire. Suffered, they did. Their suffering was for a cause. A spiritual cause. Every innocent person sentenced to death creates awareness that the death sentence is out of alignment with our spiritual desire and their loss of the human experience is for a cause.

When we believe that we are one, that we are an energy form that can never be destroyed, our choices based on judgment and power cease. Living in the dichotomy of form and non-form and knowing how challenging it is for me to keep realization of this from one moment to the next, brings compassion to those parts of myself (other humans) and forgive them for forgetting. Knowing that with one choice at a time, I am creating harmony keeps it in balance. That is always the only power I truly have in the form or non-form. Me. You posting this blog forces the question, however so subtle, requires attention, however so subtle, and creates progress. Thank you for looking at the big issues that compassionate folks like those on this website usually deter from due to its instantaneous nature of confrontation. You have already made the world better one choice at a time. Any time we look closer, we do.

One Love

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