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The Creative Process "Uncovered"

  • Thursday, May 8th 2008, 4:43 PM

A few years ago I immersed myself in an activity that had a transformational impact on my life, I call it 'Connecting the Circles of Life'.

For anyone who has the desire to plunge deep into the creative process, I encourage you to purchase a high-quality compass and immerse yourself in this exercise.

I advise getting a compass built out of metal, I purchased a high-end plastic compass and it didn't yield consistent results.

Once you have purchased your compass, I encourage you to grab a stack of paper and draw a circle in the middle of the first page. After completing the first circle lift your protractor and move the needle to the left perimeter of the first circle and begin to draw a second circle.

This is image has been referred to as a 'Vesica Piscis', which looks like this:

If you Type Vesica Piscis on Google, it'll share many great resources such as follows:

Now simply pick up your compass and move the needle to the place where the two circles collide (the top point of the almond shape) and begin to draw your next circle. Take notice how this circle intersects perfectly with the center point of the two previous circles.

Continue to circle clockwise and replicate this prior step until you have completed 5 more successive circles. You're now left with an image called the 'Seed of Life', which looks like the Omandala logo found in the top left hand corner of our this page (

This exercise should be repeated time and time again, but each time you do it contemplate the significance and relationship of these interconnected circles, become the creative observer as the process takes shape.

I have come to believe that this exercise holds the secret of all material and immaterial life form. Please take the time to immerse yourself in this experience and share your experience with the community.

Love and Light

Kyle O'Brien

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  • Thursday, May 22nd 2008, 5:30 AM


O Man! dala

I was hoping you'd share this soon. Thank you for the websites. This idea changed me forever and my gratitude is overflowing!
One Love

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